What is myUSO?

myUSO is a secure gateway to a range of specially designed-for-schools, cloud-based resources and tools to help teaching, learning and administration around the school and beyond.

If your child has forgotten their myUSO login (USO ) or password their class teacher can provide them with a reminder.

Their USO will be in the form:

first four letters of their surname, first letter of their christian name, three digit number then ‘.320’

so ‘Peter Jones’ could become:             jonep111.320

Your child will need to remember their unique 3 digit number.

Passwords increase in difficulty as children progress through the school.

The website address for myUSO is:      www.my.uso.im/320-3301

but you can access it via the ‘Classes’ tab (above ) then selecting ‘myUSO’.

On the ‘Resource Pages’ you will find lots of resources to support your child’s learning at home. Including a link to j2e which your child is using for much of their computer-based work in, and out of, school.

Please take time to read through the e-safety advice on LGfL to support the work on e-safety children have in school. Remind them that passwords are always private.