Special Educational Needs

The governors have approved a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy which is concerned with children who have general or specific learning difficulties, behavioural or emotional difficulties, physical disabilities, medical conditions and medical or sensory impairments. It defines a child with learning difficulties as “one who has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of his/her age… or … a disability which prevents or hinders him from making use of educational facilities for children of his/her age.” The policy details the provision for SEN pupils including details regarding admission arrangements and access to the curriculum. It outlines the process for the identification, assessment and provision for the SEN pupils including details of the various stages through which a child may pass. It provides details of the complaints procedure and of the school’s staffing policies and partnership arrangements with parents and outside agencies.

Gifted and talented

The school aims to meet the needs of pupils identified as being gifted and talented. A Gifted and Talented register is maintained and the school works closely in partnership with the LA to provide opportunities for children to participate in activities at weekends. In addition the Deputy Head teacher works with groups of Gifted and Talented pupils in every year group.