The Curriculum

At St Joseph’s, we pride ourselves in the high standards of achievement of all our pupils. We believe in offering a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the individual learning styles of all.

We firmly believe that without enjoyment you cannot have excellence; so we strive to deliver a curriculum which allows for natural creativity and innovation.


The school teaches the curriculum through both subjects and cross-curricular work. The national ‘Come and See’ scheme is used in RE. For both Literacy and Numeracy the New Primary framework has been implemented. QCA is used to aid the planning in all other subjects.

Due to the nature of the National Curriculum we do not plan to teach every subject every week, but have devised an overall plan that ensures the delivery of the whole curriculum during the four years that the children are with us.

The school is divided into four year groups, with two classes in each year group. Each term the two year group teachers work together to identify the learning objectives to be covered during that term. These learning objectives are taken from the school’s scheme of work for each of the National Curriculum subjects. Each teacher then plans the activities required to teach those objectives and decides when to teach them to their class. This means that all the children in a year group will be taught the same skills and knowledge, but not necessarily in the same way nor at the same time. Children will be assessed on a regular basis.

Children with learning difficulties are supported as both individuals and in small groups through targeted intervention programmes in and out of class.

To find out more about what the children are learning this year, visit the Year Group class pages.