Core Subjects


Language is an essential element of learning in any part of the curriculum. We aim to give the children mastery of the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening with understanding and provide regular opportunities for drama. All the children are helped to achieve their full potential. Those with special educational needs, or who are Gifted and Talented, are given extra support.

St Joseph’s follows the CLPE  ‘Power of Reading’ resources from Year 1 to Year 6. This gives a consistent approach to the teaching of English from Infants to the Juniors.  The school also incorporates a designated shared reading session once a week.  In addition regular reading intervention groups are lead by highly skilled staff.

To support the teaching of reading, St Joseph’s follow the Read, Write, Inc systematic phonics reading scheme. This scheme is used from Early Years to Year 2 as well as those still requiring support in Key Stage Two ( years 3, 4, 5 and 6). Once children have progressed off the Read, Write Inc Scheme, they move onto the Big Cat Collins Reading scheme, which runs from Year 3 to Year 6.  The school has also recently purchased ‘Accelerated Reader’ which is an online reading and assessment tool being implemented this academic  year.

As you can see, reading remains one of our highest priorities at St Joseph’s as we believe developing confident, fluent and enthusiastic readers leads to a love of writing and enables children to access learning on a wider scale. We develop our love for reading through regular book swaps, listening to stories at the end of the day, reading breakfasts, book fairs,  book weeks, dress up days, regular visits to the library and visits from a diverse range of published authors.

We strongly believe that reading at home and encourages the parents to be fully involved with their child’s reading development. Parents are reminded that they should be spending a short period of time every day reading with their child and supporting them to complete their ‘Reading Record’. Children have access to a number of reading sources and as a school we are constantly investing in purchasing high quality texts for our children. You can support us by purchasing a book from our Amazon  Class Wish  List here and donating it to the school.

The school also encourages parents/guardians to take their children to local public libraries.


We aim to teach our children that mathematics is enjoyable and a useful tool. We provide firm grounding in the basic skills to enable the children to approach the subject with confidence. The school follows the White Rose Maths Mastery Curriculum Framework and staff use a wide variety of materials to deliver the mathematics curriculum.

Mathematics work is not all bookwork, but includes opportunities for practical work, problem solving, investigations and the development of the skills needed to use calculators. A great emphasis is also put on the child’s ability to perform mental arithmetic.

We also use a range of online learning platforms such as Times tables Rockstars to support children in learning their timetables in a fun and engaging way.

Developing mastery in maths, using up to date teaching methods and pedagogy, is the key ensuring our children become successful mathematicians. Enabling our children to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in primary school and beyond.


Science is an active, exciting way of learning about everyday life and the world that we live in. We aim to enable the children to apply this knowledge to their own lives.

The children experience science through four themes; experimental and investigative science, life processes and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes. The school uses a variety of resources to cover the National Curriculum teaching requirements covered in the Cornerstones Scheme of Work.

Additional learning opportunities are offered through school trips and timetabled ‘Science weeks’, during which their is a focus on investigative learning and the opportunity to take part in lessons led by other teachers.


We aim to give all children adequate access to and experience of appropriate computer hardware and software as part of their learning experiences in school. Children will be given opportunities to use these for developing communication skills, investigation and control. We believe that computing is integral to the way we lend in the 21st century and therefore all computing lessons take place in the classroom, via Chrome Books so that computing can be integrated into everyday teaching and learning. As a school, we updated all our interactive screens this year.

Pupils also have access to a Managed Learning Environment where they access their homework and other learning resources. Please note our e-safety guidance and acceptable use agreements for families and children.