A Typical Day

Our Timetable  – these times have been changed

please refer to the Front Page and the Newsletters

YEARS 3 & 4

7:45                     Breakfast Club opens
8:40                    Years 3 & 4 arrive
8:40 – 10:15       Morning session
10:15 – 10:30     Breaktime
10:30 – 12:00     Second Session
12:00 – 13:00     Lunch Time
13:00 – 15:10    Afternoon session
15:10                  School day finishes – Years 3 & 4
15:10-18:15     After School Club

YEARS 5 & 6

7:45                    Breakfast Club opens
8:40                    Years 5 & 6 arrive
8:40 – 10:35      Morning session
10:35 – 10:50    Breaktime
10:50 – 12:15    Second Session
12:15 – 13:15    Lunch Time
13:15 – 15:15   Afternoon session
15:15                 School day finishes – Years 5 & 6
15:15-18:15    After School Club

Early Arrivals

Whilst we appreciate that it is often convenient for children to arrive at school early in the morning, we cannot accept responsibility for anything that should happen on the school premises before 8.30am, when playground supervision begins. Children who attend breakfast club will be supervised between the times of 7.45am-8.45am.

After School

Please ensure that your child has been fully informed of arrangements for going home at the end of the school day. Children who remain uncollected 15 minutes after their Afternoon session ends will join our After School Club at our current payment rates.

Our After School Club provides a range of activities and is open until 6:15

Lunch Time Arrangements

Under no circumstances are children allowed to leave the school premises during the lunchtime period unless:-

  • they are collected by a parent who has sought the permission of the head teacher
  • Written permission has been sent in and signed by the parent.

Children who have a school dinner must pay in advance using Atomwide Pay+ on the school web-site. We no longer accept cash or cheque payments for dinners.

Our excellent school dinners are cooked on the premises by Waltham Forest Catering. Read about them here and see the latest published menu.

Our Food Hygiene has been rated very good ! Read about it here.

Cost of school Meals

The present cost of a school meal is £2.20 and this should be paid on-line on Mondays. The school is unable to accept late payments. Changes between packed lunch and school dinners can only be made half termly.

Application for Free Meals

Details of how you can qualify are here on the Waltham Forest web-site.

You can use our Free School Meal Checking Service to see if you’re eligible.

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches must be in a suitable container, with the child’s name clearly marked. Drinks are only allowed in cartons or screw top plastic bottles. Fizzy drinks are not allowed. Water is always available at the dining tables. Please note we are a Healthy Eating School and packed lunches should reflect this.


During lunch times a team of play leaders and mid-day assistants led by a lunchtime supervisor care for the children. During the lunch time period the head teacher, the deputy head teacher or a senior member of staff will always be present on site to deal with any serious situations or emergencies should the need arise. First Aid facilities are always available and a number of staff have First Aid qualifications.