Religious Education

R.E. holds the central position in our school curriculum. We base our teaching on the national “Come and See” scheme and use its thematic approach throughout the school. Religious education is at the core of everything we do here, embracing both the individual child and our school community.

He replied, “Come and see”   John 1: 35-42

What’s in a name?

Come and See is an invitation and a promise of life for everyone. The invitation is open to all.
In response to the question ‘Where do you live?’, Jesus invited the disciples to ‘Come and See.’ They went with Jesus ‘and spent the rest of that day with him.’  We recognise that for some children already engaged in a journey of faith, RE is catechesis and part of their formation in the faith. Those who receive the invitation to ‘Come and see’ may also offer it to others.
Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. She is so inspired by Jesus that she returns to her village as a witness to his love and invites the other villagers to ‘Come and see the man who told me everything I have ever done. Could he be the Messiah?’ (John 4:29)

At St. Joseph’s

There is a daily act of worship with whole school assemblies on three days each week and class based worship on the other two. Every class starts and ends each day with a moment of prayer. The parish priest celebrates Mass with every class each term and the whole school celebrates Holy Days of Obligation by attending Mass or a Liturgical Service as a whole community.
We aim to teach R.E. through a variety of mediums including worship, singing, poetry, music, art and I.C.T.

In addition to the formal lessons, the staff endeavours to integrate Christian values, beliefs and concepts into all other areas of the curriculum. The children study other faiths such as Judaism, Islam and Sikhism at different time of the year, in line with diocesan guidelines.

For copies of our RE policies please see our policies page on the school website.

Our Teams

We currently have two specialist teams which support RE in our school. These teams  play a vital role in the Religious Education and Spiritual life of the school. They perform many duties, which may include:
•Helping to write and present whole school assemblies
•Holding collective worships and liturgies for their peers
•Assisting in school masses
•Attending meetings with Father Gerry
•Organising whole school competitions
•Buying new RE resources
•Helping with charity fundraising
•Helping to organise Saints Day celebrations  – St Josephs Day
•Visiting places for school trips to view their suitability – e.g. the synagogue.
•Adding information to the school website

RE Report:
Our most recent Section 48 Report judged that  St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School  ” provides its pupils with a highly effective Catholic education”.

You can read the full report here.

Diocese of Brentwood Education Department