At St Joseph’s we have an excellent record of attendance which is a result of the positive co-operation between home and school.

It is the parents’ legal responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly and there is a risk of prosecution if parents fail in this duty.

It is also the parents’ responsibility to inform the school in writing of the reason for their child’s absence as soon as possible, i.e. on the day that they return to school. Whilst a telephone call is helpful, it cannot replace the legal need for a written explanation for the absence.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

The school will not allow any absences during term time except for sickness. In very exceptional circumstances leave may be allowed. It is the school’s responsibility to approve reasons given for the pupil’s absence. The school is not obliged to accept the explanation offered as a valid reason for absence. Parents are asked to make every effort to avoid dental and routine medical appointments during lesson time since the lost time cannot be made up later.

Absence Tables 2018-19

The following provides information concerning the absence rates for pupils within the school. The unauthorised absences are ones which the school received no written explanation for.

Total number of pupils on roll for at least one session:  223
Attendance = 96.7% (highest since 2014-15 )
Percentage of sessions missed through authorised absences:  1.7 %
Percentage of sessions missed through unauthorised absences:   1.6%