Reporting to Parents

At the start of each school year there are Year Group curriculum meetings at which the teaching staff outline the programme of study for the year and discuss any relevant issues. There are parental consultation evenings each term, when parents are invited to meet the teachers individually to discuss their child’s progress. A written report is produced in the final term of the year and forms the basis of the final open evening. The head teacher and staff are available for discussion with parents, at any time which is mutually convenient. Parents are asked not to discuss issues with teachers once the whistle has been blown for the start of a teaching session since the teacher must then concentrate fully on the whole class. Any urgent issues can be discussed with the head teacher at that time. Meetings are also held throughout the year to give information on events such as residential school trips.

Complaints with Respect to the Curriculum

Under section 23 of the 1988 Education Reform Act any concerns expressed about the school curriculum and related matters will continue to be considered and as far as possible, dealt with in informal discussion with the teachers and the head teacher in the first instance. It is not the intention that all expressions of concern be considered complaints. However, if the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the school, there are formal procedures that may be adopted and information on these will be made available by the head teacher as appropriate.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct at the date of publication. It cannot be assumed that there will be no changes in the current academic year or in subsequent years. Where necessary revisions and updates will be issued to all parents of children at the school.