Friends of St. Joseph’s

Check the Dates page for the next Friends meeting

All parents are automatically members of this association, which helps to develop close contact between school and parents as it organises both social and fund raising activities. All members of the community are welcome to join, and we particularly welcome those who attend St. Joseph’s Church to take part.

The association meets on a monthly basis and holds its Annual Meeting during September each year. It welcomes all parents or friends who are willing to become involved with helping the school. The school is extremely grateful to the association members who do so much work for the school.

Please check our newsletters or ask at the office for when our next meeting is. For some events or meetings we are able to offer a crèche for younger children.

We will update this page regularly with pictures from events. Our next planned event is taking the whole school to the Pantomime during the Festive period, a trip we always enjoy and are grateful for the contribution our Friend’s Association make to the cost of the coaches.