Mission & Aims

Mission Statement

St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Aided Junior School continues a long tradition of Catholic education which began over 110 years ago in 1901. The original building which is still used today was the first Catholic church and school in Leyton.

As a Catholic School our faith is at the heart of our existence. Our values and beliefs are expressed explicitly in our Religious Education programme and are implicit in the life of the school. All children are taught to value each member of God’s family; each child is taught that he/she is unique and special.

The school has a Mission Statement to help guide us:

“Jesus Christ is the unseen but ever present teacher in our school, our model and inspiration for all who work here.”

St Joseph’s is a school serving the multi-cultural parish community of Leyton in the diocese of Brentwood and plays an active role in preparing children to become responsible members of this community. The school reflects the values of the Gospel, reinforcing forgiveness and building upon the children’s own experiences to maximise their opportunities. It rewards pupils of all abilities and encourages co-operative learning and shared goals while ensuring that the talents of individual pupils can be expressed and developed. St Joseph’s provides a safe, caring environment for all staff and children.


  • To provide the spiritual and moral development of pupils through Christian beliefs and values.
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which incorporates the National Curriculum and its associated assessment procedures, to enable all pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need in future years.
  • To provide a secure and stimulating environment, in which all children can learn, grow and develop to their full potential.
  • To develop awareness of self and habits of self-discipline together with accepted behaviour.
  • To show understanding and respect for all traditions, faiths and cultures
  • These aims are central to all that goes on within our school and are reflected within the School Development Plan, which is compiled by all members of staff each year.

Every Child Matters (ECM)

The Every Child Matters agenda underpins learning at St. Josephs.

As a Catholic school we achieve this through:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    (ECM: Enjoy and Achieve through Learning)
  • Nurturing Children to grow spiritually.
  • Encouraging respect and tolerance in the wider Community, as well as within school.
    (ECM: Make a positive contribution to society)
  • Establishing a good foundation for life ahead.
    (Achieve economic wellbeing)
  • Being a school where children, parents and staff feel safe and happy.
    (ECM: Stay safe)
  • Supporting children to make informed choices about their wellbeing.
    (ECM: Be healthy)

Pastoral Care

Each class teacher has responsibility for the day to day care of your child. As children learn best when they feel happy and secure please let your child’s teacher know about any issues which could impact on their learning in school. We will inform you of any concerns in school. Please feel free to contact the school if you wish to discuss any issues. This can be done either by arranging an appointment through the school office or through written communication with your child’s teacher.

As well as providing support in school the school is able to direct families to, or contact on behalf of families, outside agencies who are able to provide a range of support services for children and their families.


Parents should be aware that the school is legally obliged to take any necessary steps to ensure the safety of its pupils. The school abides by Local Authority Safeguarding Procedures and in cases of suspected neglect, ill-treatment or abuse will inform Social Services.

All staff in the school take part in annual training and review of the school’s safeguarding policy and Procedures. The school Child Protection Officers are:

Mrs M D’Souza