Our latest Ofsted Report followed the Section 8 Inspection which took place on 23rd January 2018.

We are very happy with the contents of the report and feel it accurately reflects our discussions with the inspector on the day and everything she saw during her visit including classroom observations, learning walks around the school and playground and talking to staff, pupils and governors. At the end of the day she told us informally that she felt the school was a “strong good” and in an excellent position to continue to deliver a high standard of education for the pupils both now and in the future. The next couple of years are going to be a period of change for all our schools so it is good that St Joseph’s is entering this time in a good position. Our thanks to all the staff and governors for their efforts on the day, to the parents who expressed such a positive view of the school and of course to the pupils who were wonderful ambassadors for the school and really impressed the inspector with their behaviour and attitude to learning.

All our Ofsted Reports are held on the Ofsted web-site and you can view them here.