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St Joseph’s has an online payment system that makes it simple and quick for you to pay online for anything from dinner money to your children’s school trips and after-school activities. You are able to keep track of their meal account balances as these are shown online in real time.

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Help us save money.

Download the ParentComms:Mobile app to your phone.

Read about it here.

In order to use these facilities, you will first need to register for an account and link this with your child(ren). An easy online wizard will take you through this process. The required steps are detailed here. 

Registering for the service

In order to register for an account, you will need to have your mobile phone to hand. This MUST be the phone with the same number that you have provided to the school as your contact number. If your number has changed recently please make sure you update it via the School Office. Registration will be possible the day after we are informed of the change of number.

To link yourself with your child[ren] you will need their account details as described below.

USO username

  • Please ask your child for this
  • USO Username is your child’s logon to our systems and is in the format ssssfnnn.320 where ssss = the first 4 characters of surname,  f= first initial and nnn is a 3 digit number (example – Peter Jones could become jonep111.320 )


The website address is

To go to it you can click here or on the ParentComms School Shop logo above.

Once on the School Shop Website – Click on the Register button in the bottom left corner and follow the wizard to the end. Registration Steps are here.

The account that will be created is known as a USO account and will end in .uso unlike your children’s, which end in .320

Important information about creating user accounts

Please be aware that if you have 2 or more children in the school, you should only need to register once. The other children should automatically get linked to you based on the initial registration.

If you find that this does not happen, you may simply repeat the same registration process using the second child’s username and enter the account details that were created during the first registration. Do NOT create another new account as all children will then not be visible at the same time.

If you work for a school in London and already have an LGfL USO account, please link your child(ren) to this account instead of creating a new one.

If you have previously used the eAdmissions service and remember the account details you used, you should use that account and link it to your children instead of creating a new one. Retaining an existing account will mean fewer details to remember and better integration between different school-specific services will be available to you in the future.

Common issues

Please be aware that our school does not have access to your account details other than the usernames. Therefore, if you forget your password, we will not be able to reset it for you.

If you forget your Username or password, please try using the link on the Login Page – “If you have forgotten your username or password, click here.” 

If you change your email address or mobile number, please let us know. The information in your user accounts will then get updated automatically overnight.

St Joseph’s School Shop – Registration Steps